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Something different.

Here's a piece I just did for the December Fora do Eixo artistic event in Brasilia.

I saw an interesting documentary on Richard Serra which mentioned that he and his mates Steve Reich and Philip Glass had once formed a Removal Company in New York to make money.

The idea of Serra, Reich and Glass shifting furniture (and clearing out empty shop-fittings, often getting materials for Serra's installations) was so inspiring that I assumed someone must have done something based on it.

If not, I had to have a go myself.

OK, so it's basically pastiche Reich  (or is it Glass?)  And some wonderful recording of scratchy noise which I'll argue stands for Serra's verb-based works (applying a single verb to a simple material). And some big crashes which I hope suggest (in a stylized way) monolithic steel plates being hit.

Anyway, I find it fun. In a fairly leisurely 15 minute minimal way.

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